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    Buster to Cervical Spondylosis - LCD Arm


    In recent years, with the popularity of computers, mobile phones and other electronic products, the cervical disease is becoming a more and more serious issue among the users. Cervical disease, also known as cervical syndrome, is a disorder base on degenerative pathology. Due to long-term cervical strain,osteoarthritis, or disc prolapsed, ligament thickening, cervical spinal cord, nerve roots or vertebral artery would be compressed, and lead to a series ofclinical dysfunction syndrome.


    In usual, cervical disease should be a disease among the people over 40 years old. But now, many young people suffered in cervical disease, mainly due to unhealthy lifestyle and incorrect working posture. With knowing the causes of cervical disease, the most urgent thing for the office workers to do is to change present working posture and unhealthy lifestyle. Working posture is most important. If have an adjustable monitor and stand, you can work alternately sitting or standing, which could not only help to keep healthy and stay from cervical disease, but also improve the working efficiency. 

    Ergonomic LCD arm is designed specially for cervical diseases and is the ideal choice for computer guys to stay away from cervical diseases. It changes former boring and long-time sitting mode, and support 360 degree rotation. With it, we could enjoy different angles working posture freely, including overlooking or looking up the rendered perspective. With constant design principles and gas spring adjustment structure, the user can easy to adjust freely and smoothly.


    LCD arm is easy to install for snap-on head and unique base. And streamlined appearance and inner cable management make your office environment tidy and artistic. Meanwhile, pioneered simple installation design makes more flexiblein using at the narrow place.

     LCD arm is the buster to cervical disease. With it, you can protect the cervical vertebra better, at the same times of using monitors with high efficiency.

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