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    IKEA launched a new standing desk to reduce the risk of sedentary body


    Standing desks have become common place across Silicon Valley, offering health benefits to those willing to work on their feet. 


    However, due to their high price, they have failed to catch on - until now. 

    Ikea has revealed a‘convertible’ desk that transforms from a standard desk to a standing one atthe touch of a button, and hopes it could make the standing desk mainstream. 

    Experts say that changing from a seated to a standing desk can improve productivity.

    Similar desks have become acommon sight at tech firms such as Google, where some employees have even installed treadmill and bicycle desks. 

    The desk is not the first ‘convertible’ on the market. 

    The $3,890 Stir Kinect desk has a motor to raise and lower itself, converting it into a standing desk or at raditional desk. 

    To move between sitting, pictured, and standing positions, owners simply double-tap on the screen.The desk can learn user’s preferences over time and suggest the best seating position.  

    The Stir Kinect desk was created by a team of ex-Apple and Disney engineers.


    It has a built-in touch screen to control and track movement, and can tell users exactly how many calories they burn by standing for part of their working day. 

    It also has compartments containing power points and USB ports for charging phones, to keep cables hidden. 

    ‘IKEA’s height adjustable desk is great for opening up the lower end of the market,’ said JP Labrosse,founder and CEO of Stir.


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