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    Farewell to the "bow family",ThinkWise Laptop Holder S107


           Laptop has been widely used and replaced the bulky desktop computer for light and handy. However, this advantage is also its deadly shortcoming in the use. In front of the small laptop, we have to bow the back and head. As time passes, we are easy to sick with cervical spondylopathy. In order to stay away from cervical spondylosis and say goodbye to be one of the“bow family, we introduce a product here: ThinkWise Laptop Holder S107.

    Constant force design principle and gas spring structure adjustment solution are adopted to Think Wise Laptop Holder S107.The user can freely adjust the height of the notebook and avoid maintaining a constant posture to be stiff. Meanwhile, S107 could also meet the users' requirements of different visual angles.

    Think Wise Laptop Holder S107 is easy to assemble for snap-on connector and creative base installation. Moreover, original creative base installation help people to solve the installation problem in the narrow space.

    Think Wise Laptop Holder S107 technology parameter

    Summary: ThinkWise Laptop Holder S107 is just like the wings of the laptop. The user can adjust the laptop freely as his willing, enjoying the work instead of troubling in the work. The laptop could achieve the best cooling effect for hanging design. Streamlined look could also make clean and beautiful working environment. In summary, with ThinkWise Laptop Holder S107, you can say goodbye to the "bow family" andstay away from cervical spondylosis.

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