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    Breaking traditional rule, ThinkWise lead a new trend for health


    Sitting is a traditional working pattern. However, there is more and more data indicate that sitting for a long time would lead to high probability to have diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cervical spondylosis, and even death. Health is the necessary requirement of work. So we should work with good health. A new research by USA Medical Association found sedentary was not good to heath. On the contrary, standing work will have a lot of benefits, promoting blood circulation and helping maintain good posture.

    Standing work is popular among foreign countries, but it is brand new idea at domestic. In fact, by a little improvement, standing work will have long-term positive effect. As a new ergonomic product, ThinkWise LCD arms break the traditional posture patterns, leading a new wave of healthy work.

    ThinkWise combine ergonomics and digital flat panel display, and produce every LCD arm with professional technology. ThinkWise LCD arm could achieve 360 degree rotation and adjustment as user’s willing, including overlooking or looking up angle. It provides great convenience for standing work.

    ThinkWise LCD arm could achieve free and smooth adjustment with constant force design principle and gass pring structure adjustment solution. The user could work either sitting or standing, which could help to keep heath. And increase working efficiency.

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