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    Dance freely, ThinkWise Laptop Holder S106


    With the upgrading of electronic products, laptops are increasingly popular for light weight and easy to carry. However, there would be a problem the user faced that easy to get cervical disease for long time bending down the neck and looking down.

    So, what can we do to stay away from cervical disease brought by using laptop? It is mainly that the laptop should be raised to a position that be suitable for eyes and the user can sit properly without compression of cervical vertebra and spinal. Equipped with a laptop holder could solve this problem perfectly. Next, we’d like to introduce a monitor arm with high practicability and applicability: Think Wise laptop holder S106.

    The feature for S106 is height adjustable, which could meet the users’ different visual requirements.S106 is easy to install for snap-on head and unique base. And streamlined appearance and inner cable management make your office environment tidy and artistic. Meanwhile, pioneered simple installation design makes more flexible in using at the narrow place.

    Think Wise Laptop Holder S106 is adopted with constant force design principle and gas spring structure adjustment solution. Only by one touch, the monitor could be adjusted to ideal positions.S106 is made with aviation aluminum AL380 and pained with stoving varnish. The laptop could achieve the best cooling effect for hanging design.

    S106 technology parameter

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