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    ThinkWise teach you how to choose monitor arm



    Monitor arm market is increasingly developed for computer guys to stay away from the cervical spondylosis. There are a great variety of monitor arms in the market.ThinkWise will teach you that how to choose a suitable monitor arm from the wide range market.


    The angle of rotation is the most important issue for the performance of monitor arm. There are three steps to detect. Firstly, see if the monitor could rotate freely and if the user could look up and down by using the monitor arm. Second, to see how is the rotation angle that the arm could be around the post and how long could the arm stretch. Finally, test the effect by fine adjustment. The center of gravity of some monitors is not in the centre of the screen, so it will be dumped on one side when install. Fine adjustment could make sure the screen does not tilt.  


    Most monitor arm in the market are made by aluminum or steel, which is sturdy and durable. For long term use, note that all the metals will be deformed. But, some of them could be recovered and some would be damaged forever. For the price, steel is much cheaper than aluminum.


    Appearance for the monitor arm is also one important issue on choose a monitor arm. If the monitor arm has both elegant appearance and reasonable structure, it could not only meet using requirements, but also be worthy to collect. Therefore, should pay attention to smoothness of surface, completeness of connector, hidden of cable management, aesthetic of design and so on.


    4. Range of application

    In general,the monitor arm has its own parameters and usable range. Therefore, the customer could choose according to this.

    1) There are four holes on the back of the monitor; the current international standard hole is 75x75mm or 100x100mm. The standard is commonly used on existing main stream monitors.

    2) For the selection of monitor size, there are two kind monitor arms, below 27 inch and above 27 inch. The monitor arms below 27 inch are mainly desk mount. Meanwhile, above 27 inch are usually wall mounted or hanged. For the weight span, desktop often weighs 0-10kg and over 20kg is often wall mounted.

    3)According to the number of monitors, there are single arm, dual arm and multi arm.

    4)To choose a desk mount, we should consider the thickness of the desk. Too thick or thin would have bad effect on fixation.5-70mm is the best. Also, customer could take the maximum clamp range as reference.


    Monitor arm could be installed in narrow space for special design and could choose according to the installation site. There are many ways to install for different monitor arm, such as clamp, thru desk, wall mounted and hanging.

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